Dentures are removable replacements for your missing teeth, generally made from an ultramodern acrylic material. They are designed to look and function like your natural teeth surrounding your gum tissues. 

The acrylic material used to design your dentures is unlikely to stain or darken, which means it can look fresh and natural for many years if you choose to correctly take care of your dentures. Since multiple treatments help you replace your missing teeth, many people have the Do I need dentures question popping up in their minds. Hence, to make it easy, we've answered the question below. 

When Is It Time to Get Dentures?

Brushing your teeth daily and using dental floss can help you keep your teeth healthy for a good time. However, if you start noticing multiple teeth getting damaged, broken or chipped due to an unknown reason, it'll be a sign to visit your dentist to seek professional help. While single teeth usually don't require dentures, several other factors show you might need dentures.

1. Damaged Teeth

Your dentist can quickly repair a single damaged tooth without taking the help of dentures. However, if you have multiple damaged or broken teeth, then it is recommended to visit a dentist so he can provide you with the fitting dentures that'll work as a replacement for your missing teeth. 

2. Visiting the dentist every six months is not a regular part of your oral health routine

If you start noticing problems with your teeth and if you have always been someone who avoided visiting the dentist for a regular dental checkup, things might get serious for you. 

In most cases, the people who start having tooth problems notice it when the problem worsens. Hence in situations like this, it is recommended to visit a dentist so he can guide you on the treatments that can help you to fix your teeth. 

3. There are gaps between your teeth, or your teeth are loose and shifting.

When you have gaps between your teeth, it can signify a severe gum disease. It is also possible that you have the problem of bone loss, and while things may look fine in the beginning, your situation will keep getting worse with time.

Usually, in such cases, loose teeth are removed by dentists, and this means that you'll require dentures to replace your missing teeth. 

4. Severe tooth pain

Tooth pain is one of the significant signs that show you might need dentures. Multiple reasons can cause tooth pain, and hence it is recommended to visit a dentist to know why your teeth hurt. The following reasons generally cause Tooth Pain:

  • Dental Caries: This usually occurs when the bacteria in your mouth create acids that can result in painful holes in your teeth. 
  • Gum Disease:  Gum diseases are often responsible for causing the tooth pain, and hence it is recommended that you visit a dentist to avoid problems.  
  • Trauma to teeth: If someone meets with an accident or a sports injury, he can get tooth pain. 
  • Tooth Sensitivity: It could be tooth sensitivity if someone feels pain while eating or drinking. 

5. You have red, swollen, tender or bleeding gums

Gum diseases are known to cause tooth loss, and hence bleeding gums can be seen as a sign of gingivitis. If gum diseases are left untreated for a more extended period, then your chances of tooth loss will go higher, which means that you'll need dentures in the future. 

6. You have one or more missing teeth

Once a person has lost two or three teeth, he starts depending on his other remaining teeth, which increases the chances of tooth loss in the future because your remaining teeth start shifting into open spaces in your gum line. Hence it is recommended to visit a dentist in such cases because there are chances that you might require dentures. 

7. You struggle with eating some types of foods

If you are having trouble eating certain foods, then there are chances that you may have some missing teeth, cracked teeth, or cavities. In such cases, you can avoid problems if your teeth are treated early; however, if that's not the case, you might need dentures to fix your problems. 

8. You have frequent indigestion

When patients have difficulty chewing food, they often swallow it in big pieces, which leads to indigestion. In such cases, dentures may not be required. However, it's recommended that you consult a doctor to know what's causing indigestion. 


While you are now aware of the situations that may require you to get dentures, it is still recommended that you visit a dentist for a regular dental checkup to make sure that your teeth are healthy.

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